Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Inspire Swap

Hello Everyone. Back in June I sign up for the inspire swap. That  Rachael of The Rachael way and Meghan of They call her Meghan hosted. The swap reveal was on July 2. The reason why this post is over a month late. Is due to the package I sent to my partner Becky of  Mise En Place. Took a month to get to her. Which I was super worried it got lost in the mail. So I was super happy when she told me last week she got her package.

I had so much fun getting to know Becky. With the little time we had to get to know each other before we had to ship are boxes out. The reason why we didn't have much time was due to Becky live in Australia and I live in Germany. So we were trying to get are boxes to each other before the swap deadline. Which as you readied my box didn't make it in time. The box Becky sent me took only 2 weeks to get to me but for some odd reason my box decide to take forever.  One thing we learned about each other is we are July babies.

Thanks aging for being an awesome swap partner Becky. I truly love everything you sent me. I will be used and eating everything you sent me. Even the box you mailed the package in will be getting reused. 

What Becky sent me
~Australia Post Card~ Which will be hanging up on my cork board
~Paper Mate Pen~ Which I'm always on a hurt for a pens to use
~To do list~ I love making list. So this notepad is going to come in handy
~2 Celebrity balm~ These lip balms smell amazing
~Allen's Killer Pythons Gummy~ If you read my blog on a regular basic. Then you know I'm a gummy bear fan.
~ 2 Pink cupcake oven mitten~ Which are going to be put to good use. Since the ones I had were going bad.

You can see what I got Becky HERE.


Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Hello Everyone. I'm back from Berlin. I had a great time there. Which next week I will be doing a Berlin week. So I will tell you more about my trip then. Please give my a couple day to get out of vacation mode. Then I will be back to reading and commenting on your blogs. 

Thanks to the lovely ladies that helped me out while I was gone. 


Monday, August 18, 2014

Guest Post: Get to Know Camille from Weekend Style Book

Hi Friends! My name is Camille and my blog is called Weekend Style Book.  I love to give advice on how to style clothing, wearing items multiple different ways, and helping you live everyday like it's the weekend! I do fun DIYs and give you ideas for fun things to do on the weekend.  So you could get to know me I filled out this fashion tag (the last question was the hardest!)- I would love to see your answers too, if you do it leave a link in the comments! 

1. How would you describe your style?
Casual Glamour! That's the theme of my blog as well, I love being able to wear dressy pieces anytime or dress up your basic white tee! 

 photo CIMG0330_zps332cafea.jpg

2. What are your wardrobe staples?
Boyfriend Jeans (I wear them any chance I get), leopard print anything and Forever 21 tank tops- they are the best.

 photo IMG_0960_zps20523664.jpg
3. Most expensive item in your closet?
I have a Betsey Johnson party dress that is amazing!

4. Most wanted item?
A designer handbag- I would really love to buy it myself too!

5. Favorite designer?
Betsey Johnson- Everything she makes looks like it has a story behind it
 photo get-attachment-3aspx_zps7ae73d94.jpeg
(I really love Leopard!)
6. How much do you spend on clothes?
About $100 a month. I try to use as many coupons as possible and buy items that will work for more than one season. I think that is the best strategy.

7. What are your favorite places to shop?
TJ Maxx is where I spend most of my money, but I love Old Navy and Macy's too. I just bought an Ann Taylor jacket from Salvation Army for $5!

8. Favorite fragrance?
Viktor and Rolf Flower Bomb

9. What's your favourite way to do your hair?
Top Knot!
 photo IMG_0877_zps18f4314b.jpg

10. What is your go-to outfit when you have no idea what to wear?
Boyfriend Jeans, embellished or lace tee, statement necklace and flats.

11. One fashion trend you wish would come back or stay?
I want statement necklaces to stay in style because I have so many and I love wearing them!
 photo 2014-05-07080642pm_zps636d0199.png

 12. Show us your most prized possession in your wardrobe.
At the moment I am in love with my Badgley Mischka bag! It's the perfect size and I love filling it up!

 photo out8_zpscf100182.jpg
13. How many pairs of leopard shoes were in this post?

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Guest Post: Things to do in Berlin By Novelstyle

Hello Everyone. Today  Novelstyle filling in for me .While I'm away having some fun in Berlin.  She here to share some of the fun place she visited in Berlin. Make sure you go stop by her and say hi. 

Berlin is definitely one of my favorite european cities! In case you are wondering, only London, Heidelberg and Reykjavík come before it ☺  And Amy is super lucky to be able to go there to celebrate her Anniversary! Bet it will be an amazing trip ^^

Even though I’ve been three times to Berlin, I have not been able to do many touristic things, as two times it was for Fashion Week and the other one was a weekend trip to this is my perfect day in berlin:

Where to stay?
My picks are The Weinmeister or Lux 11

 photo The-Weinmeister-7_zpsce74ffa3.jpg
 photo Lux11DeluxeRoom_zps50fae7c5.jpeg
Lux 11

Both hotels are beautiful, comfortable… and are located in Berlin Mitte! Perfect location for shopping… there is even a Primark just a few blocks away!

Where to go for breakfast?
I totally recommend Type/Hype! It’s super original and has the yummiest hot chocolate I have ever had! Also, their orange jam is handmade and a must when enjoying a croissant over there! (Pardon my face, we were there for breakfast!)

 photo IMG_9180_1_zpsa1060c8a.jpg
Best places to visit in Berlin?
I personally love the Sony Centre in Potsdamer Platz… it is perfect to walk around, go for lunch to Pizza Hut and shop at TK Maxx!

The zoo is also beautiful! I love the elephants at the entrance
 photo fashion-blogger-berlin_zps684ed802.jpg

And of course, you have to visit the Brandenburger Tur, the wall and checkpoint Charlie!
 photo IMG_8553_1_zpsae238362.jpg

 photo IMG_9335_1_zps74d17cef.jpg

Where to go for dinner?
After a long day walking around Berlin, there is nothing better than some delicious food at Prince! A beautiful restaurant with the yummiest food! My recommendation is Mr Popeye… a dish with rice, spinach and fried chicken! And for dessert they have an amazing pear pie ☺
 photo IMG_8701_1_zpsc526d08f.jpg

And that’s my perfect day in Berlin! ☺ Gladly, I always have a free day to do all this…the other ones are mostly like this:
Can’t wait to see Amy’s pics from her amazing trip to Berlin!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Guest Post: $20 Thrift Store Challenge by Not Fancy, Just Life.

Hello! I'm Maria and I blog over at Not Fancy, Just Life. While my blog started off as a general lifestyle blog, it has slowly morphed into a budget-conscious fashion blog. I'm all about looking cute without spending a lot of money! 

I've been reading Amy's blog for a few years now (even before I started blogging myself) and I'm very excited she asked me to guest post for her while she's out of town! I knew I wanted to do a fun post, and decided to give myself a bit of a challenge too. I really like thrifting, but I'm still kind of new at it and I'm definitely not as good as other's out in the blogging world. I don't know if I just don't have the eye for things, the patience, the time, etc. But I decided to challenge myself to only spend $20 and come up with a whole outfit!

My hubby thought I was crazy (and I'll admit, I thought so myself!), but I was definitely up for the challenge!

I think I decided to do this at the right time, because so many thrift stores have been having their end of the summer sales. With prices out there up to 75% off, I think that definitely helped me stay within my budget! Here is my haul:

1. Merona top (Clothes Mentor): $0.01
2. Kenzie sandals (Turn Style): $3.25
3. H&M top (Clothes Mentor): $3.50
4. Liz Claiborne skirt (Turn Style): $2.13
5. Loft shorts (Turn Style): $2.75
6. Loft shorts (Turn Style): $2.75
7. Necklace (Turn Style): $2.38

Total = $16.77! (And I still have $3.23 left for coffee or a treat!)

Can you believe I got 7 items for under $20?! With some left to spare! (I actually looked around a little more to find something to use up the rest of my money, but couldn't, so I just decided to leave the change)

There were some awesome sales I took advantage of. Clothes Mentor had 50% off their summer items, plus buy one item get the second for a penny! I basically stole that shirt! Turn Style also had 75% off all green-tag items, and I think I found some pretty good things!

So not only did I spend $20 for one outfit, I have 2 for sure! I never did try the printed tops with the skirt, but if they work, I will have 6 outfits, spending less than $17 for all the items! I definitely impressed myself :)

I'd say one of the biggest tricks I learned from this challenge is to shop the end-of-season sales. You can save so much money, plus we still have a couple months left of summer in which I can wear these items. Some I can even wear into the colder-weather months, so definitely more bang for my buck :)

Make sure you stop by my blog to see how I style these pieces, plus see other clothing deals I score!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Guest Post: Anniversary Date Outfit By Galaxia-Dawn

Hello Everyone. While I'm away celebrating my 10th wedding anniversary. My friend Galaxia-Dawn is taking over the blog today. She here to show you all what  she wore on her anniversary. That was on July8.  Make sure you go over to her blog and say hi.

Hi, I'm Galaxia and I am not a model or fashion blogger!

But it's fun to pretend and I like my new dress with these strappy heels :) I wore the dress on my anniversary and it was comfortable in this summer sun and heat.

It's cool that there's a cutout in the back and it was pretty inexpensive at Target! The strappy wedge heels I got for free a long time ago. I rarely wear them, but I think they look pretty!

I broke my modeling pose to smile and wave at you! Hopefully you enjoyed this outfit of the day and thanks to Amy for letting me take over her blog ♥

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

10 Years

Hello Everyone. As you are reading this I'm on a train to Berlin. To celebrate my 10th wedding anniversary. I still can't believe 10 years ago. I married my best friend. A lot of people thought we were crazy for getting married on a Friday the 13th. That some people didn't want to come to the wedding because of the date it was but in the end everyone was them. I look back at these picture and they make me smile.

As you can see I change 3 times on my wedding day. I wore my dress to get married in. Then change after the wedding in to a t-shirt and short. For a pizza get together with family and friends. Yes you totally read that right. What can I say we were young and didn't want a big wedding or a big party. After the pizza get together I change again in to another t-shirt and jeans. For a lulu party.  All I can say it was an amazing day in my life that I will never forget. 

I have 4 lovely blogger filling in for me. While I'm away making new memories with my husband.