Thursday, December 18, 2014

Monthly Remix Recap: Polka Dot Shirt

September 23, 2010~ Black legging and Black Cami From Target
March 9, 2011~ Black Cami and Black Dress Pants
September 24, 2011~ Black Vest, Black Cami and Hydraulic Jeans 

April 7, 2012~ BCBG Black Cardigan, Black Tank Top and Lace Legging
July 28, 2012 Black Cami and Gap Black Pencil Skirt
August 15, 2012~ Black Tank Top, Black Vest and Lace Legging
December 6, 2013~ Black Orsay Sweater and Black Thermal Legging

Hello Everyone. I can't believe this is my last monthly remix recap for 2014. For this month I choice to show you all this Polka dot shirt. That I got years ago. From the Px. I have worn it 7 time on the blog and a bunch off the blog. So I have gotten my money out of it. Since I haven't worn it in over a year and no longer fits me well.  I decide to make a scarf out of it. Well that was a huge DIY fail. So I end up throwing the shirt away.  In the end I wish I didn't try to make the scarf and would have donated the shirt. Like I do with all my clothes. O well you live and learn. I will stick with the DIY projects. That I know I can do.

Today Christmas item is the sugar cookie I made on Sunday. I used green food coloring to make them green. 

I have another offer from  DarcusTori . That you can get these Blue Topaz Earring for free.  Use code-0704 to get the for free. Ends on December 20th, 2014


Wednesday, December 17, 2014

WIWW:Candy Cane Hearts

 Black Wedge Uggs From DSW~69.98 

Happy Wednesday Everyone. It crazy that Christmas Eve is next week. Which I still don't know what my husband and me will be doing. I have invited some friends to come over for dinner but they haven't told me if there come or not.  So we will just have to wait and see.

pleated poppy

Since I have an appointment this morning. I decide to go with a simple outfit for it. Also since I didn't wear my festive scarf at all last year. I decide that this year they will not sit around. So I throw on my candy cane heart scarf. To give this outfit a more festive vibe to it. 

Today Christmas item is the new headers I made for my google and twitter account. 


Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Christmas Baking

Hello Everyone. On Sunday I spent the day making Pretzel Delights for my husband pot luck. I also made goodies to hand out to the neighbors for Christmas gift. I love making homemade bake goods and handing them out. Its one of the many tradition I do during this time of year.

Pretzel Delight are so easy to make. I have the recipe already on my blog but decide to share it again. All you need is some time on your hands and 3 ingredients.  The ingredients you need are the following

~ Rolo's ~ I end up using 8 bags of them
~Pretzels~ Square or small closed circle one

The fun part is defoliating all of the rolo's. This took me a few hours to do.  Once you have the foil off of the rolo's. Start placing the on top of you pretzel.  Once your cookie sheet is filled up with pretzel and rolo's. Place it in the oven at 350 degree for 1 to 3 minute. You just want to lightly melt the chocolate. Then you want to put the pecan on top.

After you put the pecan on top. Let them sit out to harden back up or place them in the freezer.  I let mine sit out for a few hours. Plus I put them in the freezer for a few. These are so easy to make but do take time to make. Plus you will get your hand dirty with chocolate.

Garay Treasures

I ended up making 4 and half dozen of sugar cookies.  1 Dozen of chocolate chip cookie and tons of pretzel delights.  The bowl up above is what I gave to my neighbors. Along with a Christmas card. They all loved it and were surprised. 


Monday, December 15, 2014

Frankfurt Weihnachtsmarkt

December 13, 2014
 Seventeen Feature Sweater From Old Navy~9.98( From 2011)
Skinny Kicks From American Eagle~15.99
Necklace From Old Navy ~1.98
White Gem Earring From On Style 200 Czech Republic Koruny(9.78 Dollars)
Glitter Hair Tie Christmas Gift  Camille of  Weekend Style Book (2012)
Plaid Rain Boots From The PX~18.74

Happy Monday Everyone. I hope you all had a great weekend. My weekend was great. On Saturday I went to the Frankfurt Christmas market. Which it is on the top 20 Christmas market you need to see before you die.  To tell you the truth I wasn't impressed by it at all. Mainly due to everything is spread out. So it makes it hard to find things.  

On Sunday I baked all day. Which you will be getting highlight on that tomorrow.  For going to the Frankfurt Christmas market I want to be warm and festive. So I decide to wear this white sparkle sweater. Since it was raining out. I throw on some thick wool boot socks and my plaid rain boot.  For my hair I braid it. Which I'm so happy that my hair is long enough to braid again.

 The North Face Women's Metropolis Parka Christmas Gift From Hubby(2012)
White Under Armor Beanie Christmas Gift From Hubby(2011)
 White Knit Scarf From C&A~9.00 Euro(12.24 Dollars)
North Face White Glove(2013)

Coach 31403 Peyton Leather Nancy Satchel Saddle From The Coach Outlet in Florida 97.99

Sadly we didn't take a lot of photo's at the Christmas market. Since there wasn't much to take pictures of. Plus it was super packed. The only picture of me at the market is the one above. We happen to walk by this little Christmas tree and there wasn't that many people walking by it. So I had my husband snap a photo real quick.

Frankfurt Christmas Market Big Christmas Tree
Light in the downtown part of Frankfurt.
The only thing we got at the market that was non food. Is this year ornament from my husband. We have a tradition in our house to get each other an ornament each year. Which I'm in love with the ornament he picked out. I was going to just get a small one but he decide the big one was a better choice. Which is was. I don't have it on the tree. Due to I want an ornament stand for it. 

I hope you all had a great weekend and are having fun getting ready for the holiday.

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