Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Tree lighting in West Palm

November 15, 2014
Day 6, 2014
Black Tank Top From VS~16.50 or 2 for 24
 Polaroid sunglasses won from ElleSees blog 11-20-12
White Gem Earring From On Style 200 Czech Republic Koruny(9.78 Dollars)
Black Sandals From CR ~11.39(6 Years Old)

Hello Everyone. On Day 6 my husband and me spent the morning with Oma. Then in the afternoon we headed over to the aventura mall in Miami.  Where we went to the Sony store. Which my husband had so much fun testing out new camera lens. We pick up 2 new ones. That will be my husband Christmas gift this year. 

After the mall we ahead back to Oma's house. To go downtown to watch the west palm beach tree lighting in City Place. We miss watching it get lit up but it was still fun see it lit. There was live music playing and tons of people down there. They also did fake snow. Which we missed that too. If you are by city place at night they do fake snow at 6 and 7pm. 

After getting dinner and looking at the Christmas tree. We went for a night walk down up the water. Before we ahead back to Oma's house. Over all it was a very nice day and we had tons of fun.

Shopping My Closet


Tuesday, November 25, 2014


November 14, 2014
Day 5  Vacation in Florida  
Green Skirt From New Yorker 9.95 Euro(12.37 Dollar)
Necklace Gift From Hubby for 1st Wedding Anniversary
Earring made From my Tennis Bracelet Gift My Hubby
Diamond Studs Gift From My Hubby
 Polaroid sunglasses won from ElleSees blog 11-20-12
White Slip on Shoe From New Yorker~ 4.95 Euro(6.67 Dollars)
 Hello Everyone. On day 5 of my Florida trip. My husband and me had to take care of some business. After we got the stuff we need to get done. We went to the movie and saw big hero 6. It was a cute movie. I couldn't believe how much is cost to see a movie. It was 20 dollars a piece for are tickets but it was all good. Due to we don't go to the movie a lot. 
 After the movies. We went by the water again and got some outfit photo's. Which I have had this green skirt for over a year and this was the first time. I have worn it. I'm so happy I finally decide to wear it. Plus what a prefect place to wear it. After we took some photo's. We went and pick up Oma from work. That way we could go get dinner. 
As we were walking back to Oma's apartment. Her friend was waiting on her. My husband was having fun snapping photo's. He got a great shot of Oma and her friend together. After he got that photo. Oma and her friend told me to join in. So I squeezed between them. 

I never realized how many features my Oma and me have. She say its are German root. Also Oma friends in German to. They both love hearing about how much Germany has change since they have been here last. The last time my Oma was here was in 1997. We are trying to get her to come visit us one day over here. 

I do deClaire


Monday, November 24, 2014


November 12, 2014
Day 3 of my Vacation in Florida  
Fabulous T-Shirt From Old Navy~10.00
Black Tank Top From VS~16.50 or 2 for 24
 Poof! Grey and Black Mid Skirt For The PX~10.00
 Polaroid sunglasses won from ElleSees blog 11-20-12
White Gem Earring From On Style 200 Czech Republic Koruny(9.78 Dollars)
Black Sandals From CR ~11.39(6 Years Old)

Hello Everyone. I can tell you all my jet lag is starting to go away. Which is nice. Today is a busy day for me. I have to go to the post office and collect all my mail from the last 12 days. I also have to go to the store. Also have to unpack my suitcase.

This week is going to be a recap of my Florida trip. I didn't document all my outfit I wore but I got most of them. My Oma(German for Grandma). Lives in the heart of downtown west palm beach. So I got to look at the view of the water everyday. Her apartment face the water. 

My husband and me were super lucky. The weather was amazing when we were there. We only had 2 cold and rainy days. Which was nice. I'm happy that I got to bust out some skirt that I haven't gotten to wear here in Germany. Like this grey stripe skirt. I brought this skirt in August of this year and it had been sitting in my closet.  


Sunday, November 23, 2014

Jet Lag/ $500 Dollar Giveaway

Disclaimer: sponsored giveaway from Darcus Tori

Hello Everyone. I just got back home yesterday from my vacation in Florida. Right now I'm fighting with jet leg. All I did yesterday was sleep. I also slept pretty late today. That's why this post is coming at you guys late. 

I had a great time with my family and catching up with my best friend. I also crossed off some clothing items I have been wanting. Like boyfriend jeans, a fur vest and a fox sweater. Please give me a few days to get back in to my daily schedule. 

 As a fun way to kick off my blogging again. After being away for 10 days. I have a sponsored giveaway from Darcus Tori. One Lucky winner will when a $500 dollar shopping spree to Darcus Tori. 
This giveaway is only open to United State Residents Only and must be 18 years old to enter. 

Giveaway ends on November 29,2014. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE.